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Launch Set - CBD Cigarettes

Launch Set - CBD Cigarettes

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We want to show you and draw attention to how sustainable hemp can be and have decided to cooperate with the companyONETREEPLANTED who will plant a tree for us for every gram or joint.

With this cooperation we want to bring you closer to the sustainability of the hemp plant and at the same time make a contribution to combating the climate crisis!

Already 12,000 years ago people in China and Persia used the raw material hemp: Textiles and paper were made from the fibers. Even the first Gutenberg Bible was printed on hemp in 1455. The sails and ropes of large ships were also made of hemp and the first Levi's jeans from 1870 were hemp pants. But with industrialization, hemp was gradually pushed out: New machines helped with cotton processing. And with the advancement of the pharmaceutical industry, cannabis lost its medical importance. After the Second World War, the cultivation of hemp was completely banned. Hemp is a very sustainable crop that has been supplanted by criminalization by corrupt politicians. We want to show you how sustainable hemp is with two examples out of many:

Hemp vs Cotton

In contrast to cotton, hemp can be grown in a comparatively more environmentally friendly way: it grows well in moderate climates, such as in north-east China, where there is enough rain and therefore no artificial irrigation is necessary. Hemp also requires little maintenance and little or no pesticides. The fiber yields are also higher than with cotton. In addition, the fiber also performs better when it comes to overriding environmental goals. Hemp absorbs twice the amount of CO2 per hectare than cotton, has a very low overall CO2 footprint and, in addition to fibers, also provides high-quality fatty acids and proteins for the food sector and pharmaceuticals. 

Hemp vs Trees

1 hectare Over a 20-year period, hemp can produce as much paper as 4 to 10 hectares on trees!

The cellulose concentration of hemp is many times higher than that of wood.
Harnessing the 30 percent cellulose content of trees requires the use of toxic chemicals that remove the remaining 70 percent of the tree that cannot be used for paper. Hemp contains up to 85% cellulose.
hemp paper is more durable as wood paper. Hemp paper does not yellow, crack or deteriorate to the extent that wood paper does.


A stronger use of hemp paper can help to protect forests better and a higher biodiversity is possible. need trees 20 to 80 years Time to grow while hemp only 4 months Growing time required before harvest. Hemp can clean both the atmosphere and the environment. Global warming is the result of high levels of carbon dioxide or CO2. Hemp consumes and binds four times as much CO2 as trees. 

You can find all information on how the trees are planted and all other information at:

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